A Plea To Seattle-ites: Help Our Friends in Wisconsin, Pt. 1

Here's the Background: In a day and a half, Wisconsin voters go to the polls. One of the votes they cast will be for governor. Their current governor, Scott Walker, faces recall due to his efforts to destroy unions, one of the few remaining vestiges of this nation's former small "d" democracy. The race is tight. Walker's challenger, Tom Barrett, does not have the same kind of deep-pocket-donors as Walker. 

Here's the Plea:

From the halls malls of Montezuma Westwood and Northgate
To Smith’s floors of office suites,
We can help Wisconsin’s citizens
Hand Scott Walker a defeat.

Urge your contacts in the Badger State
To get their butts to the polls.
Don’t let Walker’s crowd turn our nation
Into 50 hell holes.

Ask folks to get the truth out using
Papers, blogs, and old-school talk,
Drive folks to polls, offer to poll watch,
Get him out – Walker must walk.

For information about the Wisconsin recall drama and how Wisconsin's June 5th election results could affect you, check out John Nichols' excellent blog.

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