Training and Coaching
  • 45 Minutes-and-Focused
    • Easily fit into board/committee meetings
  • Make-&-Take
    • Example: Press releases, media advisories
    • Example: Elevator spiels 
  • Role-Playing 
    • Example: Preparing for funder site visits
  • Coaching For Individuals and Groups, 
    • Example: Efficient Meetings - The Chair's Role 
    • Example: Efficient Meetings - Everyone Else's Role
  • Customized

  • Fund Development 
  • Communications
  • Advocacy/Organizing Campaign Strategy 
  • Organizational Strategic Plans

Written Materials
  • Grant Applications
  • Press Releases
  • Newsletters 
  • Annual Reports 
New! Grant writers! Do you find yourself wishing for a second set of eyes ... someone to go over your grant app and help make:

-Your key points impossible to miss 
-Your proposal memorable?

If so, you may be interested in my grant editing services: I work with applicants to make their applications stronger by addressing common problems, e.g.: 

- Application talks about organization’s needs, not needs of community served.
- Application details needs of community, but offers no evidence of needs.
- Description of evaluation plan is too general.
- Application doesn’t reflect the overlap between funder’s interests and applicant’s work.
- Insider references/jargon/ unclear writing.

I can meet with you in-person to go over your grant application or I can work with you by phone and/or email.

- $100/hr. for organizations with budgets under $500,000 ($70/hr. for first-time users)
- $150/hr. for organizations with budgets of $500,000 or more ($100/hr. for first-time users)

A sampling of reviewers’ feedback on applications I have helped clients create:

- “… exceptionally well-written”
- “… how powerful to have you and your skill set on their team”
- “I am sincerely impressed with this grant.”

Interested in more info? Call me (Lisa) at 206.375.5317 or send me an email (