The hell-raiser's blog: Face-to-face fundraising is fabulous!

Two board members of a youth program were planning a Halloween-themed party intended to introduce their organization to would-be donors and volunteers. They were going to deliver invitations on a weekday afternoon.  I mentioned that their neighbors probably would be at work, not at home (which would mean they’d have to deliver their correspondence the way purveyors of lawn-care, painting, and eternal salvation do – leaving them sticking out from beneath the welcome mat).  I suggested waiting until the next Saturday so they could deliver the invites face-to-face.

They waited until Saturday, and here’s what happened: The people who weren’t home when they delivered invitations? None of them showed. The people to whom they gave invites in-person? One-hundred percent attended the party.

There you have it - more evidence that face-to-face is usually a faster, more effective donor cultivation method than the alternatives.