Sliding Scale

  • For organizations with annual operating budgets of $200,000 and up, I charge $120/hour - the average of the lowest and highest of common rates quoted on the Puget Sound Grant Writers' Association website. 
  • For organizations with annual operating budgets less than $200,000, I charge $60/hour.

I typically spend between 20 and 40 hours on creating a grant application to a private foundation (the majority of grant requests I write). New (to me) organizations and programs usually require 30-40 hours. Short applications for organizations and programs familiar to me can require as little as 20-30 hours.

Here is a list of some of the major tasks that an application usually requires. In my experience, applicant organizations need my help to complete one or more of these (although completing them in advance of hiring me can reduce your bill!).

  • Researching the prospective funder and the applicant to find common areas of interest
  • Needs assessments - evidence of the demand/need for proposed program
  • Program planning
  • Program evaluation design
  • Funding development planning     
  • Grant-writing
  • Creating/assembling attachments (board rosters, budgets,etc.)
Payment schedule

50% due before project is started
50% due upon project completion

Flat fees

Flat fees: available for projects requiring 10 or more hours of work

Please note: The fees quoted above are for billable hours only - about a third (or less) of the total number of hours that many consultants work (myself included). After accounting for unbilled hours, as well as the costs of doing business, the hourly fee that you pay is about three to four times the hourly wage I make. Read more about consultant fees here: https://consultantjournal.com/blog/setting-consulting-fee-rates