A Treasure Trove of Information for Activists

Nonprofits that help nonprofits (NTHNs) ... That's what I call nonprofit organizations/services that provide no- and/or low-cost resources to other nonprofit organizations. 

Yesterday, I discovered a new, much-needed NTHN: Bolder Advocacy. This resource is a project of Alliance For Justice (AFJ, another great NTHN).

Bolder Advocacy provides nonprofit organizations and foundations with information about:

  •   the power of advocacy, and
  •   how to harness that power.

This site is a wealth of information. Some of my favorite features:

  • the Bolder Advocacy Blog (Check out Warren Buffet and the Billionaires, by Sue Hoechstetter.)
  • Bolder Advocacy's toolkits - on both advocacy and organizing
  • "Ask-An-Expert" - one-on-one technical assistance that can be accessed by email or phone.

From Bolder Advocacy's website: "As public policy debates are increasingly dominated by wealthy and powerful special interests, it is more important than ever for nonprofit advocates to understand how best to influence decision-makers and serve their communities."

How true.                                            

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