Cut This!

Here we go again. Our elected leaders are pushing yet more cuts: “unavoidable” cuts, cuts-that-no-one-wants, cuts-that-hurt-me-more-than-they-hurt-you, haircuts (as in “we all gotta take one”), and on and on. And, some of them say, if we don’t make the necessary cuts, our unborn children’s children will most certainly face a DEFICIT which will most certainly be a BURDEN SO HUGE that it will most certainly CRUSH THEM.

Here’s my translation:
These things are too expensive:
·         Clean air/water
·         Safe food/drugs/other
·         Literacy
·         Old people
·         Children
·         Sick people
·         Poor people
·         Etc.

Our nation has only so much money, and we can spend it on only our highest priorities:
·         War
·         The market’s mental health (The market doesn’t like “uncertainty.”)
·         Reduced tax rates for corporations and rich people

     We are supposed to believe that the federal budget proposal that passed the House  is “serious” when it: 
            1) would eliminate and/or reduce SNAP (food stamp) aid to millions,  
            2) is authored by U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) of $350/bottle wine fame
        In a nation where 
... we are supposed to believe that there is no more money for shelters for the homeless or food for the hungry? 

Moreover, we are supposed to believe that we have to make cuts to programs like these - that we are spending too much money on the homeless and the hungry?

I have developed my own list of recommended cuts. I call it
  • Tax breaks for billionaires, 
  • Healthcare for hypocrites*, 
  • Education aid for economic elites**, 
  • Corporate welfare, 
  • Retirement benefits for Congress***, 
  • Aid to needy CEOs, and 
  • Pentagon boondoggles” 

“Cut THE CRAP,” for short.

You might find the name of my proposal to be a bit crass. But there is no denying that “crap” is an apt description of the cuts proposed by Paul Ryan. If you agree, please make your perspective heard. Here are some ways to do it:
  • Ask candidates for public office in your community if they will pledge to fight cuts to Social Security, Medicare,  Medicaid, and other assistance programs.     
  • Send a letter to, visit, or call your elected representatives to ask if they will pledge to fight cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other assistance programs.     
  • Send a letter to the editor. You know what to say. Or ask.
  • Ask candidates who support cuts if they will pledge to renounce their pensions, perks, health care packages, etc. 
  • Volunteer for candidates who pledge to oppose cuts, especially to support  Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.
  • Vote for these candidates.
  • Know someone like minded who needs transportation in order to register to vote and/or getting to the polls? Offer to give her/him a ride.
*Cut health insurance offered by the government to government officals opposed to health insurance offered by the government.
** Cut taxpayer-funded vouchers for children from wealthy families to attend private schools; those taxpayer dollars could fund public schools.
***Cut pensions for lawmakers who advocate cuts to pensions for public workers.