The Hell-Raiser's Blog: Raising Money & Hell Simultaneously

  A Post For Activists Wondering How to Find Time to Raise Money 

(Speaking Truth-to-Power-When-Those-In-Power-Don't-Speak-the-Truth

                           and Raising Money In the Process)

This is what my dog, Ramona, looks like
when she cannot believe her ears:
"You did not just say that!"

Here's a hypothetical example: The students in a 5th-grade class somewhere in the U.S. decide to fact-check some of the more dubious claims of the 2015 presidential candidates. (e.g. Carly Fiorina's claim that that Obamacare isn't helping anyone).

They create a web page (called "Is Your 5th Grader Smarter than Some of the Presidential Candidates?") on which they post their findings.  

They get their neighbors, friends, and others in the community to pledge $5 to their fund (the Fund for Fifth-Graders Fighting for a Fib-Free Future) every time they catch a candidate in a lie. 

How much money do you think they can raise?