What to Do Now (part of the "Temporary Opportunities for Small Organizations" Series)

If you act now, you can find volunteers to help your organization with all manner of activities, such as:

  •          Raising money for your organization,
  •          Developing an evaluation for your nutrition program,
  •          Setting up your donor database management system,
  •          Writing grant applications for your organization,
  •          Bringing people to your protests, and 
  •       Giving massages to your program participants.                                                                                
Who are these people? Students.

No, I am not talking about filling out those pesky applications for interns.  I am talking about other school-based opportunities for you to find donated time and talent. Here are some examples:

  • Classes at the school of social work (or film/journalism/massage/culinary arts/other),
  • Career resource center, where you can find recent graduates who want real-world work  experience in their fields of study,
  • Students who have to complete community service hours to graduate,
  • Sororities/fraternities,
  • Service organizations,
  • Interest group-based student associations,
  • School bands, and
  • School newspapers and radio stations.

The important thing is to act now:  Some of these groups and the people in charge of them map out the year’s activities in the fall.