The 30-Second Fundraising Workshop Series – fundraising posts for busy ppl

Here is the first in a series of quick posts re: raising $: 

Weird Fundraisers: What Worked, and Why

Weird Fundraiser #1: “Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is”

When my dentist replaces a patient’s crown, she saves it. When she has a bunch of crowns (that’s a technical term), she sells them to a refinery and donates the money to the local food bank. When last I checked, she had donated almost $1000 in used-crown money over the course of the year.

Why it worked: It required almost no work, time, or monetary investment.

Weird Fundraiser #2: “Evil Ex Raffle”

At a Valentine’s Day-themed fundraising event (that I helped organize), attendees were asked to bring unwanted (but usable) gifts (in good condition) from their ex-partners. People brought jewelry, art, furniture and other valuable items, which were used as prizes of the event’s raffle and prominently displayed.

Why it worked: 1) Lots of raffle tickets were sold. 2) The raffle (and prizes) made for great entertainment. 3) No expenses were incurred.    

Tomorrow - Weird Fundraiser #3: The Reject Gift Drive