30-Second Fundraising Workshop Series: The Reject Gift Drive

(cont'd from Mar. 6th post) 

Here’s how the Reject Gift Drive works: Organizations solicit and collect unwanted, unopened gifts throughout the year.  (Note the phrase “throughout the year.”)

Random thoughts:

  • Wedding and Valentine’s Day gifts can be particularly good auction items, in terms of monetary and/or entertainment value.
  • It’s easiest to solicit unopened, unused gifts, but there are exceptions to this rule (see above).
  • Encourage in-kind donations of all sizes. A lot of little reject gifts can be artfully displayed in the proverbial nonprofit auction basket (as in, “Italian Dinner in a Basket,” “Spa in a Basket,” etc.) encased in cellophane and adorned with a big bow.
  • I find that this fundraising tactic works as a complement to more conventional fundraising, as opposed to a substitute for same. (Sometimes you collect great stuff; other times – not so much.)

Reject gifts can be used as auction items and raffle prizes.