New Year's Greetings, Useful Fundraising Tools, and More


 I hope you have enjoyed the winter holiday thus far, and that the New Year kicks off a great 2013. In the spirit of starting anew, I offer a few go-to resources for your fundraising and hell raising needs:

3 Go-To Websites                                             

  • The Community Tool Box: The Community Tool Box is a comprehensive source of information on essential skills for building healthy communities and community organizations. If your organization has not yet planned its statewide legislative advocacy/organizing activities for 2013, now is the time (right before the start of  Washington’s 2013 Legislative Session) to check out the chapters on social change.
  • The Grantsmanship Center: This site offers a variety of free training materials, including webcasts, newsletters, and issue papers. Its publications on getting grants, while not free, are worth every penny they cost.
  • Kim Klein and the Commons:  I like to read Kim Klein’s blog because it addresses the social, cultural, and/or political context in which community groups and nonprofits fundraise, and inspires me to think critically about how I raise money. 

My (recent) blog posts in Op-Ed News and Crosscut – check them out!

For Washington State readers: 12 days until Washington State's 2013 legislative session ~ 

For your legislators' contact information, visit the  Washington State Legislature website.

 And finally, my dog, Ramona, having herself a restful holiday...