The Hell Raiser's Blog

Grants! For my nonprofit friends... For your reading pleasure...my notes re: upcoming grant opportunities and deadlines. (Caveat: These are my notes/understanding re: opportunities. You will, of course, want to verify these!)
  • 12/20: American Medical Association; preventing diabetes 2 and hypertension in marginalized communities; 60k
  • 12/22: National Endowment for Democracy; social justice/advocacy/organizing; 50k
  • 12/29: Dept of Justice/OVW; domestic violence and sexual assault services tailored to communities facing barriers to conventional services (first deadline)
  • 1/10: Nat'l Endowment for the Humanities; public humanities; up to 40k
  • 1/12: Peace Development Fund; community-organizing; 2.5-10k
  • 1/15: Seattle Foundation/Neighbor to Neighbor; community-building, S. King County; 5k
  • Rolling: Seattle Foundation/Vibrant Democracy Initiative: coalition-building for social change in marginalized communities; $30,000/coalition ($10,000/organization)
  • 1/24: NEA/The Big Read; community-building via book-club-like conversations open to public; 5-15k
  • 1/26: DOJ: (Domestic violence and sexual assault) Outreach Services to Underserved Populations; 300k over 2 years
  • 2/1: Clif Bar; general operating; 7k
  • 2/1: American Honda Foundation; STEM; 20-75k
  • 2/1: Social Justice Fund; criminal justice organizing
  • 3/10: Voya Foundation; STEM; 2.5-27k