Hell-Raiser's Blog: How to Thank Your Volunteers

Being thanked - it's like a 
mini-birthday party where
you're the birthday girl.

Happy National Volunteers Week!

If you have ever volunteered your time and/or talent, you - hopefully - have had the experience of being thanked - being appreciated and valued. It can feel like being the birthday girl (or boy) when everyone at the table is singing to you. 

If you are someone whose work (or whose organization's work) benefits from the contributions of volunteers, perhaps you have wondered how to thank them - apart from the usual "thank you." 

Here are some ideas. Say thank you:

In newsletters,
Blog post headers,
At the annual meeting,
With Priority seating,
In an email blast,
With a tasty repast,
Or a thank you note,
Or a thank you tote,
On your home page,
When you’re on-stage,
With fresh flowers
Or cherry sours,
A thank you plaque,
A thank you snack,
A thank you call,
A red Nerf ball,
A thank you card,
A bunch of chard,
A ride back home,
A currant scone
Delivered by drone.
One more thought from this manners geek:

Thank these folks, this and every week.

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