Ode to Paul Ryan

Note 1: Every now and then, I abandon writing posts on how to raise money, etc., and write a post on events related to social justice. This is one of those posts.

Note 2: Prior posts have poked fun of the Democrats. Now it's the Republicans' turn.

Note 3: The lyrics below can be sung to "Clementine."

In a bistro, with the fellas
And $300 wine
Are they lobbyists or just friends with
Representative Paul Ryan?

He's an earnest, thoughtful, serious
Man of faith, a family man
Whose proposed cuts would mean Gram eats
Only ramen soup and spam.

Health care coupon (What's next? Group-On?)
Calls it Medicare Reform
It won't cover much stuff other
Than removal of a corn.

He loves freedom, faith, and choices,
Truth and his P90X,
Less aid for the poor and voiceless,
His ripped abs, and his ripped pecs.