Lobby Day Follow-Up: A Cautionary Tale

This post is dedicated to all citizens who visit their lawmakers annually, every Lobby Day, whether it’s needed or not.

It was one of my first days on the new job.

“Hello Senator …………., my name is Lisa Arnold. I am calling on behalf of …………. to inquire if you are interested in meeting with- ”

“You  #$%&holes! You $!&#ers! No! I’m not interested! How dare you &*#$!*ers even call me, you jack*#$%es! I hear from your group once a  year! Once a **&%$ ing year! And every year, you guys slam me in the press because I oppose your issue!

“Did it ever occur to you %%$!*&ers that the majority of my constituents also oppose you and your #$%& proposal? You'd better believe that their spokespeople are in my office on a regular basis, urging me to fight it! Where are you guys the other 364 days of the %!@* year, huh? And why should I support you over the people who bother to show up more than once a year?”

This is how I remember a phone conversation I had with a lawmaker some years ago.

Here’s some of what I took away from that exchange:
  • You can look benevolent and avuncular for the camera and still have a potty mouth.
  • You can show up at your elected official’s office once a year, but it might not be enough.